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Planning Outdoor Trip

5 Tips for a great outdoor trip

Having a good time on your outdoor trips is not always the easiest thing. Many people forget essential items at home, do not plan the trip in advance or get the wrong pair of boots. These are all situations that can ruin an otherwise pleasant experience. So this guide aims to remind you the most important things to do in order to have a great outdoor trip.

  1. Plan your trip

plan your trip

Planning your trip implies putting together all your thoughts regarding the places you wanted to go but never had the opportunity, creating a map in mind and after that on paper and so on. You must be organized with the places you want to go to and be aware of the difficulty of the trail. You will see that by making plans and research you will stumble upon many variables that you never thought of in the first place. Start from a basic idea and then plan the trail based on your favorite places or landscapes.

  1. Beware of wild animals

Wild animals are a real life hazard when it comes to outdoor trips. In the forest, you might intersect with a bear or a wild boar which can put your life at risk. That is why the first step is the most important, because you can avoid certain known places where wild animals live. However if you did all that and still see a dangerous wild animal in your trip I recommend not drawing attention to you as much as possible.

Pro tip: Firecrackers and fireworks are great for scaring the animals away. I always take a couple of powerful firecrackers with me whenever I go deep into the forest just in case.

  1. Wear good quality comfortable clothes

If you already have experience in outdoor trips you probably already have dedicated gear and clothes ready in your closet for these moments. But if you just want to start from the bottom and never did an outdoors trip before, then you must start by looking for different types of clothing made especially for this kind of activity; all the way from boots, to gloves and multi-tools / knives. Always aim for the quality, not the price when looking for clothes.

  1. Always know the time

And by that, I do not mean checking your smartphone every minute. Actually, I recommend you to leave those types of devices at home. Just buy one outdoor watch like a G-Shock which has plenty of useful features like sunrise or sunset data to know in advance when it’s time to either get home or put up the tent. You can find the best G-Shock for you by searching through different categories on the web and compare the characteristics. You often find yourself near water? Then get a G-Shock which has a tide graph and moon indicator. Do you like trips in the forests? Then you definitely need a G-Shock with a compass. Either way, what I am trying to point out here is that knowing basic information like time is essential to having a good outdoors trip. For example, the outdoor watches that are my favorite are these two: The G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster and the GW-9400 Rangeman Review.

  1. Check twice for all your gear

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out on the track that you forgot something very important like drinkable water or enough food. Check twice before leaving the house if you have everything you need; your clothes, your food, that multi-tool which saved you so many times, and so on. Leave only when you are sure that there is nothing left behind that you really need.

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